Stuff I knit so far in 2012

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I have actually been knitting. Some of the items were gifts, so I didn’t want to reveal them until they made it to their respective owners. There is an additional scarf that I plan to give away as a gift that I won’t post until later but I see no reason to hold back on posting the rest of it:

Shawl for Grandma’s 85th:




Sweater for Yali’s 3rd birthday, designed by me!:



Mittens for Jess, who I miss terribly now that she is in Chicago. Come back to NYC darling!

And finally, some stuff for me!!!
Fingerless mitts (in extremely bright lights… sorry I’m too lazy for the digital darkroom fixes)

And a shawl which I like too much to give away:


And just for fun, the blocking process of each shawl, as you can see if I am going to make more big shawls like that one for my grandma, I will require more blocking boards! Cardboard is ghetto, Miss.




About CraftySummer

I am an avid crafter living in New York City in the Harlem area just above the park. I love to knit, write, cook, draw, and in general create things --- and of course I enjoy documenting them in my blog :D Everything that appears on my blog has been written, photographed, knit, or otherwise created by me. Please do not reproduce or repost anything from this blog without my written permission. Thank you.
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3 Responses to Stuff I knit so far in 2012

  1. Joanna says:

    Hello, fellow Odd Duck swapper (I clicked through your ravatar)! I recognize that first shawl, I just knit a Haruni myself a month or so ago. Mine was also as a gift, but I really need to make one for myself, I love the way mine turned out, and yours as well. A great gift for grandma!

  2. CraftySummer says:

    Yes it is indeed a Haruni, and yes, now that I’ve made one as a gift i am seriously considering making one for myself one of these days! But you know how it is, the queue gets longer and longer and knitting can only go so fast 🙂 thank you for stopping by tho!

  3. Mandy says:

    You did this, Summer? WOW. You are one talented lady.

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