Here’s to you, old camera.

Well, its official. The UPS site says the package with my camera in it is out for delivery. I usually don’t get packages delivered until late in the day, so it probably won’t show up until 7pm or so, and then I will probably have to load some programs into my computer and play with it, I mean, learn about how to use it for a while.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttt this does mean that by tomorrow, I should have a great new camera to work with and an old but sturdy (and quite frankly awesome) tripod!

To commemorate the end of my point and shoot days (at least for crafting pictures and stuff, I am sure I will still use my point and shot for other stuff) I took some pictures of the scarf that I am knitting for my “to sell on etsy” box with my old camera. With the white towel backing and the steadiness of the tripod, the only thing off was the colors, and only by a little. If I wasn’t planning on selling the piece it would be fine. (Which makes me even more excited to get to try out all the super high quality and hd pics i can take on my new canon!)





About CraftySummer

I am an avid crafter living in New York City in the Harlem area just above the park. I love to knit, write, cook, draw, and in general create things --- and of course I enjoy documenting them in my blog :D Everything that appears on my blog has been written, photographed, knit, or otherwise created by me. Please do not reproduce or repost anything from this blog without my written permission. Thank you.
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