Seasons Greetings!

It’s been a while since I posted, but don’t think that I’ve forgotten about my blog! I am busy visiting my family for the holidays and will be home again after the New Year.

I am happy to announce that my parents are giving a large sum of money to put towards a digital SLR camera, and my brother in law has a tripod for me, so the quality of the photos posted should be improving soon! I think I am going to get a Canon EOS series Rebel t2i, but I haven’t actually ordered it yet, so we will see.

At the moment I am not crafting much, I have 7 more ribbons to weave into my mom’s shawl before I head home, and I got some great 100% alpaca yarn to knit up into a Stockholm scarf (you can find the link to the free pattern on ravelry) when my knitting group (the HPKCHC – the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup) starts up again on the 1st.

So far since the beginning of December I have lost 15 pounds! I am very pleased to have been able to do this during the holiday season, and cannot wait to keep it up throughout the year. I would like to drop a pound or two a week – loosing too quickly results in unattractive excess skin, so I have no plans to lose it too fast. For anyone else interested in trimming down their waistline this year stay tuned for more recipes and photos of low fat and healthy food.

Also I have a bunch of knitting projects that I have planned or the upcoming months, so pictures and posts to come!

Hope everyone out there in the online universe had a great winter holiday and happy New Year all!


About CraftySummer

I am an avid crafter living in New York City in the Harlem area just above the park. I love to knit, write, cook, draw, and in general create things --- and of course I enjoy documenting them in my blog :D Everything that appears on my blog has been written, photographed, knit, or otherwise created by me. Please do not reproduce or repost anything from this blog without my written permission. Thank you.
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