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Seasons Greetings!

It’s been a while since I posted, but don’t think that I’ve forgotten about my blog! I am busy visiting my family for the holidays and will be home again after the New Year. I am happy to announce that … Continue reading

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Summer’s Elves are Workin Round the Clock

Well the present giving holidays are almost over, and I am happy to say that I am pretty much on track with my crafting. I will have time to write more posts soon, but know that in the meantime I … Continue reading

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Chicken à la King

Saturday dinner… loosely based on this recipe

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Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder

Friday’s dinner The trick to really good pork shoulder is to cook it for a looooong time. This was was in the slow cooker on high for 5 hours.

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This weeks menu…

Menu, December 10, 2010 and on. Friday Lunch: Steak and Mac n Cheese Leftovers Dinner: Pork Shoulder Roast Saturday Lunch: Tuna Melts Dinner: Chicken Ala King with Peas and Egg Noodles Sunday Lunch: Waldorf Salads Dinner: Curried Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and … Continue reading

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Italian food for dinner…

Just a short post today because I can’t procrastinate too long… So here we have pictures of dinner last night: lovely lasagna and soft serve basil ice cream. Mmmm! This is the same recipe as the lavender ice cream, but … Continue reading

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Cinnamon buns and sliders and essays oh my!

I have been working on my graduate school applications today – who would have thought it would ever procrastinate from knitting by writing essays? But hey, I already have a BA and one Masters degree. Essay writing is something that … Continue reading

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My Low Fat Baked Chicken Legs Recipe

CraftySummer’s Low Fat Baked Chicken Legs Recipe Most people out there love chicken, myself and my husband included. Since moving to the Harlem neighborhood in NYC we have developed the bad habit of eating large qualities of fried chicken, served … Continue reading

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My Homemade Lavender Ice Cream Recipe

Lovely lavender buds Some of the first ice creams I ever made after purchasing my ice cream maker were mint chocolate chip and green tea. What do the two flavors have in common? Both require herbs to be allowed to … Continue reading

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Knitted toys are the best kind!

In October 2010 I bought some polyester filling, and the toy making craze began! (kitty is filled with lavendar, not batting filling) the head of hair that took longer to make then the rest of the doll yes i knit … Continue reading

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